Review: GE AHM05LW Air Conditioner

This isn’t any driver’s license number or any series of number and letters that involves mathematical equation. This is just a simple box kind of appliance at home that gives cooling effect in anywhere it is installed. This air conditioner unit which is a product of General Electric Corporation or GE is a classic type of appliance that seems to be the same with every air conditioner unit that you see. GE might have decided on keeping a typical appearance but it has strong points when it comes to functionality. To be able to see the full potential of any appliances, you have to have the experience and that may include yours or someone that you truly know.

AHM05LW is so simple from the outside with lightweight engine and has a typical colour of white same as other air conditioner unit. It might have been different if it has varieties of hue that consumers can choose from or if they can have it personalized but checking further the reason might have been because of its mechanism wherein there’s a red light that blinks once its automatic cleaning time needs to take place which is amazing because it can be easily seen through the colour white that it maintains its tidiness and dirt is being removed making sure that the air it blows off is not hazardous to anyone.

This air conditioner has delaying time which is beneficial for those people who are on the go and easily changes their schedule. This also helps for those parents who are very keen with their young children who want to still have natural breeze coming from the outside of their house through the window and this is more advantageous because it won’t hinder any or disrupt sleeping time for children and yours. In general, it is a quiet unit but they are not all the same, other units are sometimes irritating because of its fan like sound.

What’s more amazing with this is that you don’t have to worry about using it for 24 hours in 7 days because this not the same as other units wherein it double’s up your electric bill. It has the ability to conserve energy making your bill with an additional of approximately $20 to $30. This what we all crave for, good quality but with affordable output, right? Besides its low cost and output, it can easily be installed by anyone with its easy to follow steps included when you purchase the unit.

GE AHM05LW is not a perfect air conditioner unit but on a bigger picture it is better than another unit of any brand. There will always be room for improvement on any type of product or services but GE is up for it and without those reviews or feedback, innovation is not possible. GE is always open to any insufficiency of all their products and they always have open lines of communication that we could call in case something went wrong. It won’t be easy to make changes but GE made a huge deviation when they started AHM05LW which is ahead with its functionality and we are hoping that they won’t stop.

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